Our Prenatal Yoga class begins with a 5 minute check in for each mom-to-be with time to share how you are feeling, and any questions or concerns you are having about yoga at this point in your pregnancy. This time provides education and builds a sense of community which is so important during pregnancy and after your baby arrives. Gentle breathing practices follow that help moms learn to regulate their breathing throughout their pregnancy and in preparation for birth. Postures are adapted for growing bellies and other physical changes and focus on gently opening the hips and pelvis as well as building the strength needed in the low body for giving birth. The shoulders, neck and chest are also addressed, helping to keep them relaxed and open. After the more active poses, restful, supported postures follow, giving you time to relax, be present and connect with your sweet baby growing inside of you. Throughout these prenatal classes you will learn how to create and maintain a meditative focus which is so important in childbirth. Each class ends with an Om, the sound that represents all creation, and Namaste, the Sanskrit word that means, “I honor the Light within you.”

@ Madison Valley


Monday: 5:30pm
Wednesday: 5:30pm
Saturday: 10:30am

with Blair Fillingham

$249 20 Class Special - available one time per pregnancy

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Blair Fillingham
Blair FillinghamRYT 200
“I believe that practicing yoga provides us all with an opportunity to tap into our potential, observe it, understand and unleash it. The precious time we spend in class also gives us the opportunity to let go, recalibrate and restore, so that we can go back into the world feeling more centered, more grounded. When we become pregnant, our yoga practice provides us a time to really connect with the life that is growing inside us. When we become a mother, our practice allows us to take the time we need to reconnect with ourselves so that we can sustain that life. The relationship between effort/ease, strength/vulnerability, rest/exertion, flexibility/control, and the invigorating feeling I get when my breath and body flow together, inspired me to take teacher training with Dora Gyarmati in 2013. I started my training when my first daughter was one, and finished it when I was six months pregnant with my second daughter.